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Internal Drainage

Consider a More Specialized Solution

The FRENCH DRAIN SYSTEM (FDS) is an interior basement drainage system. It is a system which relieves the hydrostatic pressure and high water table against the foundation that is caused by poor drainage on the exterior of the foundation.

Is This System for You?

If you have a poured concrete foundation and are having water seepage where the wall meets the floor and/or there is a high water table that forces water up through your basement floor causing water puddles or flooding, then you should consider having the PDS installed. The same applies if you have a cinder block or stone foundation.


The FRENCH DRAIN SYSTEM is installed by removing a portion of the floor along the perimeter of the foundation wall creating a trench. In the trench, we first place a bed of 3/4" washed stone and then 4" PVC perforated pipes that are connected and pitched towards the PERMA-PUMP™ System (sump pump and pit) and buried in 3/4" washed stone allowing a clear path for water flow to find the sump pump system.
Attached to the pipes at select locations are inspection caps (cleanouts). The inspection caps give future access to the inside of the pipes in case future cleanout is needed. A Dry-Cove membrane is also installed up the wall approximately 4"-6" and down to the 4" PVC perforated pipe allowing any future foundation wall leaks (i.e. foundation wall cracks, tie rods, windows, etc.) to channel behind the Dry-Cove and into the perimeter drain.
The sump pump pit is installed at the lowest point of which the PVC pipes were pitched. The sump pump sits at the bottom of the pit and is connected to a vertical pipe which discharges the water brought in by the perimeter drain and through the basement wall to the outside and away from the foundation. The discharge pipe from the sump pump can be above ground or connected underground into a bubbler pot or a PERMA-WELL™ (drywell). Battery back-ups and high water alarms can also be installed to the PERMA-PUMP System.
Once the FDS is in place, additional 3/4" washed stone is placed over the pipes in the trench and then the trench is re-cemented to match existing floor level.


  • Eliminates costly landscape and driveway damage
  • Can be installed in any season or weather
  • Easy indoor inspection
  • Drains protected from crushing and clogging
  • Capable of venting radon gas
  • Guaranteed

Why FRENCH DRAIN SYSTEM versus the Conventional Draintile?

"DRYCRETE uses quality materials, unlike the other company, whose pipes would snap in half just from picking them up. Jason is the most honest, polite, responsive, and trustworthy contractor I've ever worked with."
~Mark C. - BBB

Conventional Draintile

  • Not Usually Guaranteed
  • Outside draintile systems are usually backfilled with excavated soil. Rain will filter through the soil allowing silt and fines to settle in draintile eventually clogging it again
  • Doesn't allow for drainage should walls leak because of cracks, tie holes and condensation
  • Difficult to determine where clogs or problems occur and can be expensive to repair once buried under 4-8 feet of soil
  • Does not vent radon
  • Crushes easily and ribbing restricts water flow and catches silt and sediments building up and eventually blocking up
  • Requires extensive yard work reinstating lawn, drivewat, decks, etc.


  • Guaranteed
  • Excavated soil is replaced with wash stone, eliminating silt filtration
  • Allows drainage if walls leak in the future because cracks, tie holes and condensation
  • Easy to determine cause of any problems should they occur because it can be visually inspected from the inside and repairs can be carried out quickly and inexpensively. Cleanouts installed in each corner allow for checking for bloackages and snaking out
  • Capable of venting radon gas
  • Rigid design gives strength & the smooth inside of the pipes allows water to flow easily & without obstructions
  • No effect on yard or landscaping

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